I am a destination wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Australia & Windsor, Ontario

I am a story maker.

I’ve been a photographer for about 11 years, which in turn has helped me see, do and feel so many things I didn’t think I would experience all those years ago and the journey that has taken me up to this moment in time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I grew up appreciating the small things and how all these small things compliment the big things. Without them, the big things wouldn’t exist. My heart is in people and who they are in this world. The word Sonder means: the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Everyone matters in their own unique way with their own perfectly unique story, and I want to be here to pour my heart and soul into visualising those things. To tell your story.

I love people, the places we live and breathe, the things we see and do, the feelings we feel. Its all part of the grand adventure we find ourselves on and thats the special part. That adventure. We find ourselves most vulnerable when we let life take us through it, we laugh and cry, we cuddle we fight, we get loud or we become quiet. Its those feelings we feel that are special, and some of those moments and feelings we want to never forget. Your wedding day. You’ve spent all that time planning and organising for your big day putting it all together. Taking a moment and appreciating where you have landed and the person you have gotten there with is so important. I want to see the reasons you jumped into that adventure with that other equally unique human and what you both mean to each other, its the one time in your life where its all centred on you both, use it to appreciate your partner and best friend, don’t let that grand adventure be anything less than grand.

I want to capture a person’s spirit, their personality and history, rather than just framing a good-looking shot, I want to seize not just those well-crafted moments (I will definitely get your family shots, details and formalities) but those candid moments, the moments where people think nobody is watching.